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The NYPD arrested a teen over Facebook emoji ‘threats’

Image via Screenshot

Image via Screenshot

Be careful the next time you whip out those gun emojis: They could get you arrested for “terrorist threats.”

A week ago the NYPD responded to a tip about 17-year-old Osiris Aristy’s Facebook page, where he had posted a picture caption featuring gun emojis aimed at a police officer emoji. They arrested him at his home at almost three o’clock in the morning,

Aristy’s Facebook did contain other questionable pictures suggesting drug use and possible gang activity, but the official police complaint, obtained by Gothamist, cites the real threat: emojis.

From Gothamist:

One such post reportedly read, “N***a run up on me, he gunna get blown down,” followed by a cop emoji and three gun emojis pointing at it. Another, according to the complaint, read, “F— the 83 104 79 98 73 PctKKKK,” followed by a cop emoji, two gun emojis and the line, “U know how I rock skrap.” More posts of this nature appear on his Facebook page.

According to the report, the emojis “caused informant and other New York City police officers to fear for their safety, for public safety, and to suffer alarm and annoyance.” After searching Aristy’s home, officers discovered  a .38 caliber firearm and over 25 grams of marijuana stuffed into ziploc bags.

The police charged Aristy with making terrorist threats and drugs and weapons possession, and set his bail at $150, 000. This is not his first offense.

(h/t Gawker)

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