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A Swiss petition to ban eating kittens can’t get enough signatures

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In Switzerland, as much as three percent of the population—224,000—has chowed down on cat.

At least that’s what one survey found, which asked respondents “would you” and “could you” eat a cat.

Some experts interviewed by the Daily Beast cautioned that this could be an inflated number, and that it likely represents those who have, at some point, tried cat, as opposed to those who regularly dine on kitten.

NBC quotes a more modest, although still relatively disgusting figure: 1.5 percent of the population eat cats and dogs.

In fact, cat-consumption is so well-known in the country that the Daily Beast was able to obtain some all-time favorite Swiss feline recipes.

Here are some of the gory details of pet cuisine, if you can stomach them:

SOS Chat Noiraigue founder Tomi Tomek says the practice is such an open secret, many rural Swiss can readily repeat their favorite cat recipe. She says most Swiss pet eaters cook their cats using rabbit recipes, often stewing them with garlic and wine, stuffing several cats into a crock at the same time since there just isn’t a lot of meat on most felines. According to Swiss press reports, younger cats in the litter are the most tender and, as such, are the preferred cat cuts. Dogs, Tomek says, are instead generally ground into sausages and eaten by those who believe dog meat lessons the symptoms of rheumatism.

An advocacy group has launched a petition asking the government to ban all cooking of cats and dogs. Commercial selling of the animals’ meat is already outlawed, but private cooking and consumption remains legal.

They don’t seem to have quite drummed up enough sympathy. They need 50,000 signatures for the Swiss legislature to bring it up for discussion, but have only gotten 16,000.

Sorry, Fido!

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