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Russell Brand and Jimmy Fallon challenge each other to ‘Word Sneak’

Image via Screenshot

Image via Screenshot

What could lead Jimmy Fallon and Fox News enemy Russell Brand to babbling about grape nuts, loofahs and Stonehenge on-air?

Fallon challenged Brand to a game of “Word Sneak,” where each was given a series of words they needed to work into the conversation.

At first Brand had some difficult getting the hang of the game. And once he did, he wasn’t particularly pleased by it.

“This game makes me feel like I’m trapped in a prison of language,” Brand complained. “I’m in a vortex of words.”

And eventually he was forced to resort to sentences like this: “You’ve tyrannized me with your masculinity, but there’s an air of femininity to you, you’re a perverse hybrid, like a female bodybuilder, like a person that’s neither one thing or another, like a hermaphrodite…”

Watch the clip below: