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Be Sriracha-less no more! Sriracha to go!

If you’re a sriracha lover, you’ve been there.

You are at a pizza or barbeque place and realize with horror there’s no sriracha around. You laugh at the thought of regular Tabasco sauce and red pepper flakes — they aren’t going to cut it.

Fortunately, Sriracha2Go has filled this inconvenient gap.





Riding the coattails of the immensely popular Southern California-based Huy Fong Foods’ Sriracha is an oh-so-clever little company selling 1.25 oz. empty bottles meant to be clipped onto keychains or thrown into purses. Sriracha2Go is instructing customers to fill these bottles with sriracha purchased separately.

Y’all, at that size, you can bring it on an airplane.



Like ketchup, sriracha is a generic term, coming from the name of the town in Thailand that is supposedly the sauce’s origin. But when Americans talk about sriracha, we really mean the Huy Fong version with its ubiquitous rooster label.

Sriracha2Go bottles have printed on them a design closely imitating the Huy Fong label.






When people feared that the Huy Fong Foods factory outside Los Angeles would have to close earlier this year because of the delicious garlic smell annoying residents who wouldn’t know an invaluable condiment if it squirted them in the eye, foodies began to hoard bottles. That incident is resolved and the factory remains, but it did prompt David Tran, CEO of Huy Fong Foods, to say he sees a lot of similarities between the United States government and communist Vietnam, from where he escaped about 35 years ago.

Tran is not a conventional CEO, professing not to care about profits. That may be the reason Huy Fong never took the obvious step of producing travel-friendly bottles of their fast growing product.

Whatever the reason, the problem is solved! Be sriracha-less no more! Long live sriracha!

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