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Company sells out of plush Ebola toy

Image via Giant Microbes

Image via Giant Microbes

The Ebola virus has become so famous (or infamous, rather) that plus Ebola dolls are flying off of shelves.

The company Giant Microbes, which makes “plush dolls of microscopic organisms,” sells a plush Ebola doll for $9.95. The popularity of the toy has soared, so much so that it is currently sold out.

The stuffed microbe appears to be quite popular among buyers, getting a five-star review from customers on its webpage. The company also sells a “gigantic” Ebola doll for $29.95, as well as an Ebola petri dish for $14.95.

Yet, the toy isn’t used purely for fun. According to CNBC, the doll comes equipped with a tag that provides information about he virus.

In fact, according to Giant Microbes vice president of marketing Laura Sullivan, medical and educational institutions are accounting for the majority of sales of the product and are using it for educational purposes.

“We are currently out of stock worldwide,” explained Sullivan. “We have continued to sell out a number of times over the last couple of months.”

However, she assured that the company is “getting more in next week.”

In addition to Ebola, Giant Microbes also sells plush versions of bed bugs, E. coli, fat cells and herpes. Yet, because it is being used to educate, Sullivan said that the Ebola toy has set itself apart from the other products.

“It’s not like our herpes toy which is often a gag gift,” she explained.

For those interested in the Ebola doll, the company website also recommends the Black Death stuffed microbe.

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