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Fallon tests out board games, finds ‘Ring Around the Nosey’ and ‘Vanilla Ice’s Electronic Rap Game’ unworthy of playing

Image via Screenshot

Image via Screenshot

Jimmy Fallon launched a new segment Tuesday night, one he believes his viewers will find quite helpful.

“Everyone that knows me knows I love three things,” Fallon said. “I love my family. I love my freedom and I love my board games.”

As a result, the talk show host has taken it upon himself to weed out of worst of the board games so that his viewers will only play games that are worth their time.

Fallon’s first “Do Not Game” segment featured “The Sinking of the Titanic Game,” “Ring Around the Nosey,” “Big Foot the Game,” and Vanilla Ice’s “Electronic Rap Game.”

All of the games were incredibly sad, but the Vanilla Ice game was painful to watch.

“Here’s the best part. It comes with a beat box machine and then you read the rhymes,” Fallon said. “Yo stump! She found her rump. He lost his lump. The DJ was grump.”

Watch the clip below: