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Chicago Mayor reverses decision to name high school after Obama, Jimmy Fallon gives the best reason why

"No hard feelings bro" - Obama, probably (Associated Press)

“No hard feelings, bro” – Obama, probably (Associated Press)

Chicago Mayor (and presidential buddy) Rahm Emanuel reversed his earlier decision to name a new high school after President Barack Obama.

Emanuel had taken a lot of heat since his announcement of the Barack Obama College Preparatory High School back in April. People took issue with Obama being honored by a school in a location that Obama did not have a history with.

“Over the last few months, my team has listened to questions and concerns from the community, ranging from location of the building to the naming of the school. We take that community input seriously, which is why – as we continue to look for a thoughtful way to honor President Obama – we will look for other possible names for this future school,” Emanuel said in a statement printed by the Chicago Tribune.

Chicago Alderman Carrie Austin told the Tribune that naming that school after Obama “doesn’t look right.”

“If they’re going to name a school after President Obama they should put it somewhere else,” Austin. “Either in Roseland, where he got his start, or in the Hyde Park area, where he lived and has a home. To put it (on the near North Side), that just doesn’t look right.”

Emanuel might be claiming location and an onslaught of complaints, but comedian and late night host Jimmy Fallon might have the real scoop.

“More bad news for the president,” Fallon said Monday night. “Chicago is reversing its plan to name a high school after President Obama because it received multiple complaints from people in the community. I guess — I guess parents are afraid their kids would spend 8 years at the school and still not get anything done.”

Watch the clip below:

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