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UNLV president labels elements of Hillary Clinton’s $225k speech contract ‘distasteful’

Image via YouTube/RisingICYMI

Image via YouTube/RisingICYMI

It looks like students aren’t the only ones at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas that are scandalized by Hillary Clinton’s outrageous demands ahead of her speech at the school’s foundation dinner this fall.

In an interview with Jon Ralston of “Ralston Reports,” UNLV President Don Snyder labeled elements of Clinton’s $225,000 speech contract “distasteful.”

“There’s no doubt that some of the things in the contract I find distasteful,” revealed Snyder, “But that doesn’t mean we don’t invite a speaker to come in, and that’s what the foundation did.”

The UNLV foundation has agreed to pay Hillary Clinton a whopping $225,000 for her speech in addition to providing her with a presidential suite, rooms for her staff, a stenographer to transcribe the speech and a private jet to travel to and from the engagement, which will last 90 minutes or less.

Echoing an earlier segment in which he likened Clinton’s demands to those of royalty, Ralston compared Hillary to Princess Grace of Monaco.

In addition to the university’s president, students at UNLV have also expressed their distaste for the foundation’s payment to Clinton. In June, two student leaders asked the former secretary of State to return the money to the school instead of taking it to line the pockets of the Clinton Foundation.

Despite sending a letter making such a request, the UNLV students have received no response.