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Swipe right for puppy love: Nonprofit uses Tinder to facilitate adoption of shelter dogs

tinder dog 2

Via screengrab

People aren’t the only ones looking for love or a hook-up on Tinder. Thanks to the efforts of interns from the Bartle Bogle Hegarty advertising agency, dogs are out seeking puppy love too.

The interns recently partnered with Social Tees Animal Rescue, a Manhattan-based nonprofit, to create Tinder profiles for dogs needing homes.

tinder dog

Via screengrab

The project gives a new twist to the Tinder system of swiping right to like and left to dislike.

It all starts with a right swipe on a dog’s picture. The doggy dating service starts by giving users something casual, like setting up a brief walk date with the dog of their choice. At the same time, it provides information on adoption and volunteering opportunities at the organization housing that particular pet.

If you just want to keep things casual or aren’t ready for the adoption level of commitment, the service also allows users to schedule sessions of dog-walking or to serve as foster homes, which host dogs for a few weeks.

Are Tinder and puppy love a match made in heaven? It’s a little soon to say.

Samantha Brody, the development manager for the project, told NBC News in an email that there were no plans to expand the program outside of New York City. When asked what Tinder thought of this creative use of their service, Brody confessed that the company was still in the dark.

“I have no idea how Tinder would react but I would hope they would appreciate the creativity attempt to draw more attention to animal rescue, which saves more lives,” she said.

Watch the ad for the doggy dating service below:


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