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Rand Paul to MSNBC: We can talk ‘when your network does 24-hour news telling the truth’

Image via MSNBC

Image via MSNBC

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) had some harsh words for MSNBC on Wednesday.

The senator appeared with Cory Booker (D-N.J.) on MSNBC’s “The Cycle” to discuss his and Booker’s bipartisan criminal justice reform bill.

But things got a little heated when the conversation turned to objections Paul raised in 2010 about the private property restrictions of the Civil Rights Act, which many in the liberal media construed as his being against the Civil Rights Act and a racist.

“The honest discussion of it would be that I never was opposed to the Civil Rights Act and when your network does 24-hour news telling the truth, then maybe we can get somewhere with the discussion,” Paul said, in response to probing from host Ari Melber about the 2010 comments.

Paul said he “learned his lesson” about trying to have a “philosophical discussion” on MSNBC, after he was “attacked by half-a-dozen people on your network trying to say I’m opposed to the Civil Rights Act.”

He also said he takes particular objection to the network’s portrayal of his stance on the Civil Rights Act because of the work he has done in Congress to defend voters’ rights.

“In Congress, I think there is nobody else trying harder to get people back their voting rights, to get people back and make the criminal justice system fair,” he said. “So I take great offense to people who want to portray me as something that I’m not.”

Watch the interview below. The Civil Rights discussion begins at the 8-minute mark:

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