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Ridiculously rich Michael Moore fights over money in divorce despite previously hating on capitalism

Michael Moore

Perhaps Michael Moore would have been better suited to make movies, not documentaries. After all, like actors in a film, Moore has been pretending to be something he’s not: a hater of capitalism.

In a 2009 interview with Larry King, Moore — famous for “Roger & Me,” “Bowling for Columbine” and “Fahrenheit 9/11” — described capitalism as a failure and voiced his own support for a socialist society.

“I don’t think I’m in that [richest] 1 percent … Even if I were, I think it’s my responsibility — my moral duty that if I’ve done well, that I have to make sure that … the pie is divided fairly amongst the people and not just a few people get the majority of the loot and everybody else has to struggle for the crumbs,” Moore told King.

However, details that have emerged thanks to Moore’s impending divorce from wife Kathleen Glynn suggest that the documentarian is not a champion of socialism but, as Jalopnik Detroit so eloquently puts it, a “filthy rich hypocrite.

According to The Detroit News, the divorce was provoked by monetary disagreements, specifically Moore’s anger that his wife was spending tons of money expanding their lavish Michigan home. This home is just one of nine that the couple owns from Michigan to New York.

What is Moore doing with nine residences? Well, spending his big bucks, of course. has the documentarian’s net worth at an impressive $50 million. Contrary to his previous assertions, this likely puts him right in that richest 1 percent.

Perhaps in an effort to make the appearance of rejecting overspending, Moore blamed the expensive expansion of the couple’s Michigan home in Torch Lake on his wife.

“[She] unilaterally wasted a large percentage of the marital fund,” detailed Moore’s attorney Jason Abel during the divorce pleadings.

Yet, fighting such a superficial fight when he’s sitting on $50 million just makes Moore look like a cranky old rich man, not a lover of socialism. A resident of Torch Lake — which is a very affluent community — even described Moore as “not a common man.”

Undoubtedly, Moore is most worried about losing some of his precious fortune to his wife in the divorce. Again, this isn’t indicative of a man who wishes to divide the “pie” fairly. He wants to have his pie in his Michigan home, and eat it too.  

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