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Hillary Clinton has a lot of female celebrity supporters … but what about the rest of America?

Image via "Violet Grey"

Image via “Violet Grey”

It looks like Hillary Clinton is getting the female celebrity vote for president, even if she hasn’t decided whether or not she wants to run yet.

In a photoshoot with Violet Grey, actress Liv Tyler wore “Hillary for president” plastered on her t-shirt to make an attempt at a fashionable political statement.

Titled “American Woman,” the spread appears in Violet Grey‘s July issue.

“By year’s end, America may have a female presidential candidate in Hillary Clinton, and actress Liv Tyler is an unabashed supporter of this kind of progress,” the cover story details.

The publication dubs Tyler the “unofficial campaign poster girl” for Clinton because of her garment choice. The “Leftovers” star is, according to Violet Grey, “in support of Hillary, in support of women.

Oddly, Tyler hasn’t had a political voice in the past. In July of 2011, the actress described herself as “a curious person” to New York Daily News and admitted that her family is half Republican and half Democrat, but didn’t get specific about her personal political beliefs.

Now, Tyler joins actress Aubrey Plaza and pop star Katy Perry in the unofficial campaign for Hillary Clinton’s potential presidency. Plaza has promised to help Clinton during the debates, Perry has the Hillary theme song covered, and Tyler is picture-perfect in the role of poster girl.

If only Clinton had the support of all American women. A Fox News poll released last month showed that 42% of women hold an unfavorable view of Hillary. Considering Hollywood only accounts for a smidgen of the United States population, Hillary should probably focus on convincing average Americans that she doesn’t have a skewed view of poverty and can properly run a country.

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