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Girl group Fifth Harmony calls Michelle Obama a ‘boss’

Image via VEVO

Image via VEVO

Over the last few weeks, Michelle Obama has been called Hillary Clinton’s nemesis, a “bad example” of the gender wage gap, and a “tranny.” She can now add “boss” to that list.

Girl group Fifth Harmony released its single “BO$$” Sunday night, and in the song the ladies compare themselves to the first lady because of their “heavy” purses and “Oprah dollas.”

The performers also profess their approval of Kanye West in the tune, singing that they “want a Kanye-ye not a Ray J.” However, if the members of Fifth Harmony were anything like Michelle Obama, they certainly wouldn’t want “a Kanye.” After all, President Obama thinks the rapper is a “jacka**.”

In the music video for “BO$$,” the “X Factor” alums dance around in revealing outfits, win arm wrestling competitions with buff men, and pose on a runway. It’s just like a regular day of work for a first lady.

President Obama might get over his wife being associated with Kanye, but he’ll undoubtedly have a problem with the message of the song. The Fifth Harmony songstresses imply that, for Michelle, “everyday is a pay day.” Unfortunately, this idea completely contradicts the president’s recent assertion that the first lady doesn’t get paid for her hard work.

Perhaps Obama will attempt to use an executive order to have the song removed from iTunes. This might be difficult, considering it’s already doing pretty well on the charts.

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