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Pro gun-control governor admits his gun-control law is terrible

Remember how Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper apologized to the state sheriffs last week over it’s recent gun laws? There’s more.

Video has emerged from the meeting that shows Hickenlooper admitting he didn’t even look at the facts before signing the measures into effect.

“I went back to try to get some facts we should have had at the beginning. They told me there are roughly 300,000 magazine that carry more than 15 rounds in the state of Colorado already,” he said. “How’s a police enforcement officer going to tell which is the old one and which is the new one? How much of a difference is it going to make if there are that many?”

Hickenlooper also admits that “it’s not like you’re gonna have a hard time finding a(n) (illegal) magazine.”

Even worse, Hickenlooper said one of his staffers made the call on signing the bill.

“One of my staff made the commitment that we would sign if it got passed. To be honest, no one in our office thought it would get through the legislature,” he said.

As reported last week, the video shows Hickenlooper admitting he and his office didn’t anticipate the backlash the gun laws brought forth.

“I think a lot of people didn’t know how much emotion was going to come out of the high-capacity magazines,” He said. “[We] probably would have looked for something different or a different approach.”


Hickenlooper was also caught on tape responding to a sheriff who pressed him further about the lack of consultation with law enforcement about the bills.

“How many apologies do you want?” Hickenlooper responded in a sarcastic tone, to some laughter in the crowd. “What the f—? I apologize!”

The uncensored video of that comment is below. Both vids are via Reveal Politics.

(h/t Hot Air)

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