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‘Conservative University’ aims to bring a right-of-center balance to campus

conservative universityCollege campuses across the country are filled with professors that strive to enhance the lives of their students through education. However, it’s no secret that many of these educators teach their courses from their own left-of-center perspective.

Accuracy in Academia is launching a new online education initiative called “Conservative University” to promote conservative principles that aren’t part of the debate at many schools. The program will launch this Friday at the Network of enlightened Women’s national conference in Washington, D.C., and will be offered for free online. The first course is entitled “Sex, Lies & Women’s Studies.”

“We’ve been covering women’s studies for decades. AIA decided it was about time to tell the other side of this story,” said Malcolm Kline, Executive Director of AIA in a press release. “We’re proud of our faculty of successful female leaders and scholars who participated in order to correct the historical record about feminism and current women’s studies programs.”

“Sex, Lies & Women’s Studies” aims to expose misinformation taught in women’s studies programs. Topics will include feminism, pay equality, healthcare freedom, the so-called “War on Women,” the history of women’s studies and the lack of intellectual diversity on campuses. The instructors for the course are Karin Agness, Mona Charen, Diana Furchgott-Roth, Hadley Heath, Kate Obenshain, and Star Parker.

“We hope to give students a chance to fact-check what their professors are telling them and everyone a chance to hear what six very accomplished women have to say,” Kline added in an email to Red Alert Politics.

The course will be offered at Additional courses will be released on a rolling schedule.

A trailer for the upcoming “Sex, Lies & Women’s Studies” course is below.


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