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While Iraq crumbles, John Kerry and Bill Nye talk about climate change awareness in the Middle East

It seems that as Iraq crumbles, global warming is the context in which Secretary of State John Kerry will discuss the Middle East region — at least with Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Kerry is hosting a two-day conference in Washington this week focusing on the need to protect “our ocean.” He opened the event Monday with a short speech, apologizing for the necessary brevity of his remarks “because we have much to do with respect to Iraq and other urgencies that we face.” These urgencies were not enough to prevent him from participating Tuesday in an hour-long Q&A with Nye on Twitter, however, where the two spoke briefly about events in the Middle East.

Not in the diplomatic context, mind you.



“Transition” would be putting it mildly. Toppling governments and fundamentally reordering international boundaries would be closer. Islamic militants (i.e. terrorists) have captured major cities in Iraq and seem poised to march on Baghdad. A decade of blood, sweat, tears and treasure is going down the drain, and our Secretary of State wants to be sure that you care about … Our Ocean? Kerry is taking time out of his day to promote not eating shark fin soup.

But, if you believe Kerry, ocean conservation is “a vital security issue, involving the movement of people, the livelihood of people, the capacity of people to exist and live where they live today.”

Nye also asked about levying a tax on catching fish and dinged “climate change deniers” about Hurricane Sandy during the Twitter conversation.

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