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‘The Daily Show’ slams liberals for outrage over vaccinations

While the Left hammers conservatives for their skepticism over climate change, “The Daily Show” slammed progressives for their own “left-leaning idiocy” over skepticism regarding vaccines, which has led to outbreaks of preventable diseases like measles, mumps and rubella.

“The Daily Show” correspondent Samantha Bee sought to explore just why liberals decided to embrace the world of science deniers and buck conventional wisdom when it comes to vaccinating their children during a segment Monday night.

Bee began her segment by exploring the reemergence of diseases like measles, mumps and whopping cough — which are all preventable through vaccination. Originally, “The Daily Show” correspondent attributed outbreaks of these diseases to “right-wing nut jobs,” but then learned they were occurring in states like California, New York and Oregon — states where Democrats run the show.

“Oh my God, wealthy, white, liberal enclaves are at risk,” Bee exclaimed. “…Progressives may love to s**t on climate change denialists, but terrifyingly, the anti-vaccination community displays the same symptoms.”

While the vast majority of scientists believe vaccines do no harm to children, many liberals are skeptical and believe they are filled with chemicals and toxins. And one vaccine denialist interviewed by Bee questioned just who made up the consensus of believers in vaccines.

“I  mean what does consensus really mean anyway? It’s just a really fancy word for overwhelming agreement. Probably about 99 percent — maybe 99.99, like across the globe,” Bee chided.

The “Daily Show” reporter then attempted to determine just where the “left-leaning idiocy” derived, and traced its origins to blogs before spreading to places where “progressives congregate,” like Whole Foods. But the real alarm over vaccines, Bee found, started when actress Jenny McCarthy attributed her son’s autism to vaccinations he received.

But, much to Bee’s relief, there was a cure to the vaccination denial.

“So, the cure for the anti-vaccination epidemic is observing the very real negative effects of the anti-vaccination movement. So there is a cure for science denial,” she concluded. “Once Florida is underwater and we all have polio, it’ll be better.”

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