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Florida Dem: I’ve done my recon, no problems at VA in Florida

#facepalm — over and over and over again.

Rep. Corrine Brown (D-Fla.) believes that all is fine and dandy at Veterans Affairs medical centers throughout the Sunshine State, despite reports that one of the centers is currently being investigated for operating waiting lists that violate agency protocol while another faces allegations of wrongful death after a veteran died after receiving care.

“I did my reconnaissance in Florida,” Brown triumphantly declared during a House Veterans Affairs Committee hearing Wednesday.”I can tell you, we’re doing fine in Florida.”

But they’re not doing fine in Florida — far from it.

The Malcolm Randall VA Medical Center in Gainesville, Fla., — which Brown bragged about — is currently under investigation by the VA Inspector General for using paper lists that kept veterans from receiving crucial care. Appointments are supposed to be recorded in the agency’s computer system.

Additionally, Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) announced plans to sue the VA on Thursday because the agency has allegedly been “stonewalling” state health inspectors. Medical centers throughout the Sunshine State have been at the center of allegations of poor care and wrongful deaths, including that of a Largo, Fla., man who died of bladder cancer at a VA center outside of St. Petersburg. The Young VA Medical Center originally diagnosed the patient with a urinary tract infection.

“I can truly say that I went and talked to various VA groups in Florida and not one single complaint because we are doing our job and that is what this committee is supposed to do — make sure that the VA is doing what we committed to other veterans,” she said.

So don’t worry, veterans, Brown did her recon and everything is just fine.

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