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[WATCH] Drone takes dog for a walk

Too lazy to get outside and walk your dog? There’s a drone for that.

A New Yorker named Jeff Myers uploaded a video to Vimeo that showcases his brilliant idea of combining a mindless task — taking the dog for a stroll — with advanced technology, namely the AR drone, reports PFSK.

In the video, a person programs the dog’s route around the block on a computer and then attaches the drone to the dog’s leash. While the device leads the canine through the neighborhood, the owner is free to do whatever he or she pleases, whether that’s monitoring the dog’s route on the computer or curling up in front of the television until the doggy drone returns.

This isn’t the first time that someone has contemplated using drones to perform everyday human tasks. Amazon is experimenting with delivery drones, growers are getting ready to transform farms with the devices, and Domino’s is even testing drones to deliver their pizzas.

Watch the video below.


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