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Student loan debt increases $31 billion to $1.1 trillion

A new analysis from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York found that student loan debt hit yet another high, surpassing last summer’s $1 trillion milestone to reach a total of $1.1 trillion.

Bathroom humor: Woman shocked to discover giant python slithering into bathtub

Admit it: If you happened upon a huge African python hanging out in your bathroom, you’d freak.

Marco Rubio: Harry Reid would be Dems strongest 2016 candidate

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) hasn’t thrown his hat in the ring for a White House run, but if it were up to Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Reid would be the strongest Democratic candidate to face in 2016.

Police pull over Alec Baldwin on his bicycle, and the aftermath is amazing

Alec Baldwin indicated that he still doesn’t like New York City after his latest public episode.

Rep. Joe Garcia caught red-handed eating his ear wax

Here’s your cringe-worthy video of the day, brought to you by C-SPAN.

Jesse Watters goes head-to-head with Democrats who say Republicans are racist

Fox News’ Jesse Watters took Democratic lawmakers to task this week and confronted them about allegations of racism within the Republican Party.

Why New Jersey Democrats are Clinging to Bridgegate

The “Bridgegate” scandal occurred in Sept. 2013 and it came to light in Jan. 2014. Yet now, months later, Democrats are still investigating the bridge closures, even after the Christie administration has been cleared of any wrongdoing. And there seems to be good reasons for that.

IMF head withdraws from Smith College commencement

BOSTON (AP) — The managing director of the International Monetary Fund backed out of giving this year’s commencement address at Smith College in the wake of protests from faculty and students, the school announced Monday.