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[WATCH] Fallon plays Obama’s cover of ‘Started from the Bottom’

Jimmy Fallon spotlighted the often ignored bottom of the music charts Thursday on “The Tonight Show.” Who held the coveted No. 100 spot on the countdown according to the comedian? It was “President Barack Obama” with his cover of Drake’s hit “Started from the Bottom.”

Before Fallon played his exclusive cut of Barack’s track, he named the songs that came in just shy of the bottom. At No. 98 sat “Rock and Roll All Nite” by The Whisperettes, which featured an a cappella version of Kiss’ hit song that was delivered, of course, in a whisper.

Which tune came in at No. 99 on Fallon’s list? Vladimir Putin’s rendition of Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” was a clear winner with the Russian president delivering the lyrics, “You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere.”

Apparently, Putin’s recent pullback from Ukraine gave him the time to record a single.

Yet, Obama’s tune stood unrivaled at the bottom of Fallon’s chart.

“Started from the bottom, now I’m here,” sang the president. “Got Sasha and Malia, got the whole team up in here.”

Unfortunately, Fallon was forced to stop the track early when Obama introduced some profanity, “Now, look at me, b***h. I’m the g*dd**n president.”

Watch the full video below to hear the unique music.

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