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If you’re owed money for a March Madness office pool, there’s a Manny Pacquiao for that

With March Madness nearing its final three games, Jimmy Kimmel has just the product to help you collect your winnings if you happen to win the coveted office pool prize money: Filipino professional boxer Manny Pacquiao.

“Office pools are fun, but one of the not-fun things about them is if you run it, and you have to chase people around for money,” lamented Kimmel on his show Wednesday night. “Collecting money from your coworkers can be a headache, but fortunately there’s a new service now that can handle situations like this for you.”

That’s where Manny comes in. According to Kimmel’s commercial for this “new service,” office pool winners can purchase Manny Pacquiao to collect their winnings for them. Manny will deliver anything from “gentle reminders,” like punches through walls, to “enthusiastic encouragement,” which entails tossing coworkers into cubicles, all in the name of retrieving your hard-earned cash.

“Don’t get mad, get Manny,” the voiceover says. How much does the office pool enforcer cost? Just $43,000,099.99, or three payments of $15,000,000.99. He’s even available for purchase at Walgreens. “If your friends owed you money, I would punch them on the face,” the boxer says at the end of his advertisement.

Watch the full video below.