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Fallon unveils his own parody of “First Kiss”

Jimmy Fallon jumped on the “First Kiss” parody bandwagon on “The Tonight Show” Thursday. Using puppies and kittens, the comedian directed his own interpretation of  Tatia Pilieva’s short film in which 20 strangers are paired up to kiss one another for the first time.

In Fallon’s “First Lick,” puppies and kittens are asked “to kiss for the first time.” The result is less awkward — and more adorable — than Pilieva’s original, with the dogs and cats sniffing and licking one another. Long haired and short haired, big and small, the animals all display their own ways of showing affection.

The short film is  set to the same music as “First Kiss” and bears the same black-and-white quality. Fallon’s interpretation has more than 100,000 views on YouTube, while “First Kiss” has over 47 million and counting since being posted on Monday as a project of clothing company Wren.

From the innocent to the very dirty, other parodies of Pilieva’s hit include “First Sniff,” “The Real First Kiss,” “First Fist Bump” and “First Handjob.”

Watch “First Lick” below.