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Ann Coulter compares U.S. immigration system to being raped

Ann CoulterConservative commentator Ann Coulter bashed the United States immigration system on Saturday, comparing the ‘unnatural’ influx of immigrants — both legal and illegal — to being raped.

In an unexpectedly graphic and inarguably vulgar description given at a private blogger briefing across the street from CPAC, the controversial speaker said immigration was like a guy sticking his penis in a woman and telling her to deal with it.

“This isn’t natural,” Coulter said of the flood of immigrants into the United States in recent years. “You have, especially on places like my favorite network, for humor, is MSNBC — and you know, they’re smearing, ‘Oh, Republicans just have to get used to it, the country is changing.’ No, this isn’t a natural process. It’s like you’re being raped and the guy is telling you, ‘Sorry, my penis is in you. Nothing you can do about it.'”

“‘No, you’re raping me!'” Coulter added, as her audience oohed and laughed.

The firebrand conservative didn’t give her usual solo speech on the main stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference this weekend, despite being given a speaking slot in 2013. Instead, Coulter was slated to debate a liberal pundit, Mickey Kaus, in front of the CPAC audience on Saturday afternoon.

But in the morning, she spent her time with an even more friendly crowd than the CPAC audience: A group of right-wing bloggers. Coulter spoke at a packed immigration briefing organized by Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum at the Hampton Inn & Suites, just across the street from CPAC.

And in playing to her home crowd, Coulter was even more bombastic than usual, arguing that no other issue aside from immigration was even worth talking about for conservatives. She openly criticized the broken immigration system and bashed those who accept that the influx of immigrants into the U.S. is just the way things are — by comparing it to rape.

Coulter argued that amnesty hurts low-wage workers, many of whom are minorities. She slammed pro-amnesty Republicans, but reserved her strongest venom for the leading immigration reformer of the GOP, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).

“My whole life, I’ve heard, ‘Republicans are racist, don’t like black people, don’t care about black people,'” she said. “I never believed it until I read Marco Rubio’s amnesty bill.”

Even Fox News, a network on which Coulter is a regular guest, couldn’t escape her criticism. She accused the hosts of avoiding Republicans’ weak stance on immigration and focusing instead on issues that make GOP members of Congress look good.

“With the Republicans, it’s like the invasion of the body snatchers,” Coulter said.

She argued that if Republicans don’t fight amnesty, the party has no hope of ever winning a presidential election again. And when it comes to the rumored 2016 presidential contenders, Coulter isn’t giving away her endorsement easily.

“They’re pretty bad,” she admitted.

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