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[WATCH] Donald Trump pronounces Jimmy Carter’s dead during CPAC speech

(AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

(AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Donald Trump shocked the world when he erroneously declared that former President Jimmy Carter was lying six feet under during his speech at the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference Thursday.

“We’re getting into Jimmy Carter territory, and I never thought I’d see anything like that again,” he said as the audience chuckled. “I lived through that time and it was not a good time and we’re pretty close – I think maybe by next month we will have surpassed the late, great Jimmy Carter.”

The Carter Center, a nonprofit started by Carter in 1982, quickly sent out a response denying that the 39th President of the United States had passed away. “The president is alive and well,” a spokeswoman at the Carter Center told National Journal with a laugh by phone, adding that he remains “active.”

In fact, just last week the former president sent letters to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, expressing “grave concern” over the nation’s ongoing political crisis. 

Unsurprisingly, Carter’s grandson James also wasn’t too thrilled to hear the news of his grandfather’s supposed demise.

Besides the false proclamation, Trump’s speech largely focused on bashing President Barack Obama, how much the Chinese love him, immigration reform, entitlement reform and the national debt.

Watch The Donald’s quip below.

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