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17 political valentines to show your devotion to the one you love

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and what better way to show your adoration for the liberty-loving, “House of Cards”-watching apple of your eye than with a political valentine?

In celebration of V-Day, a host of organizations on the right have put together batches of witty, adorable and politically charged valentines for supporters to send to their loved ones. This year, the Republican National Committee, the Cato Institute, The Heritage Foundation, the National Republican Congressional Committee and the Jobs, Growth and Leadership Fund, Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) leadership PAC, took advantage of Democrats’ gaffes, broken promises and Constitutional infringements to create their very own Valentine’s Day cards.

So sharpen up those arrows, Cupids, and check out these political valentines that are sure to warm your loved ones’ hearts.

NRCC Jobs Valentine

Cato NSA Valentine

Heritage Congress Valentine

RNC Sebelius Valentine

NRCC Mandate Valentine

Cato Liberty Lovers Valentine

Cruz IRS Valentine

RNC Putin Valentine

Cato Obamacare Valentine

RNC Biden Valentine

Heritage You Didn't Build That ValentineCruz Biden Valentine

Cato Liberties Valentine

Cruz Harry Reid Valentine

And in honor of the release of Netflix’s wildly popular “House of Cards,” Mashable’s Bob Al-Greene did some fine work in honoring politics’ most ruthless couple, Frank and Claire Underwood. Check out a sampling of Mashable’s work below, and click over there to see more.

House of Cards Smoking Nook Valentine

House of Cards VP Valentine

House of Cards Shark Valentine

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