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David Plouffe takes swing at RNC after Coca-Cola “America the Beautiful” Super Bowl commercial

David PlouffeIn keeping with ugly throwdown the Seattle Seahawks unleashed on the Denver Broncos, former White House Senior Adviser David Plouffe took an ugly swing at the RNC on Sunday night — in response to a Coca-Cola commercial.

The soda company’s Super Bowl advertisement featured people singing “America the Beautiful” in many languages, as a nod to the United States’ diverse population.

Plouffe saw the commercial as an opportunity to make fun of Republicans, tweeting out that the RNC would be banning the soft drink.

It’s unclear whether or not Plouffe was joking, but many on Twitter didn’t enjoy his tweet, with some likening it to the recent tweet in which MSNBC said that Republicans wouldn’t like Cheerios’ Super Bowl commercial because it featured a bi-racial family.

Watch the Coca-Cola commercial below:

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