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[WATCH] The funniest ‘SNL’ skit we’ve seen in a looong time

SNL CEO babyIt doesn’t take much to be the CEO of the “fastest growing financial start-up in history,” at least according to Saturday Night Live.

“There’s just a few things you should know about him,” Kenan Thompson’s character said about Mr. Patterson, the CEO played by Beck Bennett. “He has the IQ of a genius, he loves fantasy football and he has the body of a baby.”

It’s clear that Patterson’s new assistant, Craig, played by host Josh Hutcherson, is unsure of just how to handle a boss who fumbles around the office tearing through folders and throwing spaghetti at co-workers. But like any good assistant, it doesn’t take long for Craig to get the hang of it and save the day.

“I think you’ll fit in just fine here,” Patterson said, slapping his thighs in a true display of praise.

Watch how a baby CEO goes about office life here.

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