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[WATCH] ‘Meet the Press’ host says young Americans are pretty repulsed by Obamacare

leno gregoryObamacare has been both a policy and technical turn-off to young adults, one of Sunday morning’s most prominent journalists said Thursday night.

“Meet the Press” host David Gregory appeared on fellow NBC personality Jay Leno’s late-night show to discuss the president’s health care law, and Gregory was thorough in highlighting the program’s obstacles in attracting young people.

“The huge question is how do you get the architecture to work? How do you get young people to sign up for something that they don’t want?” Gregory said on The Tonight Show. “And as I talk to young people, when you have a tech problem like this, they’ll stay even father away from it.”

Gregory went on to critique one of the policy’s fundamental problems: that the program is “predicated on this idea that older, sicker people are going to get taken care of, but younger people gotta pay the bill, and they gotta sign up first to pay the bill. And we just don’t know how this is all going to turn out.”

The “Meet the Press” moderator also said that running a government is dramatically different than running a campaign, in response to a statement from Leno that President Obama was once viewed as the “hi-tech” president for his presidential campaigns’ brilliance.

“When you run the government, there are huge constraints on you, and how you get these things up and running, and whether government can actually do this kind of technology,” Gregory said. “And this, by the way, is the argument that conservatives make, which is: This is why government should not be behind big, socially transformational programs like this,” he concluded to applause from the audience.

Watch the interview below.

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