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[WATCH] ‘SNL’ prescribes President Obama with second term anti-depressant for scandals

President Obama Saturday Night Live Paxil commercialThe scandals of his second term might have President Barack Obama feeling a little depressed. But that’s why there’s Paxil Second Term Strength anti-depressant!

On this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, cast member Jay Pharoah starred as the POTUS in a commercial for treating presidential depression. And the SNL writers didn’t hold back, taking direct shots at Obama for his embarrassing second term thus far — especially the rollout of Obamacare.

In the clip, the President feels down because even his friends — such as The New York Times and former President Bill Clinton — have turned against him. But thanks to Paxil Second Term Strength, he’ll be running the country again in no time. The anti-depressant will help the POTUS “feel like you’re giving a speech at a college campus in 2008 or getting bin Laden all over again.”

Paxil treats a wide range of scandals, such as those involving Benghazi, the Internal Revenue Service, the National Security Agency and the Associated Press. It can even be used to treat symptoms of the failed Obamacare rollout. The commercial shows the President popping a pill for each of the listed scandals, but when it comes to, he dumps the whole bottle of pills in his mouth.

There’s a catch, however.

Paxil Second Term Strength isn’t covered under Obamacare — even though the White House promised it would be. But don’t worry, they apologized for that.

Watch the clip below:

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