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Melissa Joan Hart: ‘These Days I Find More Republicans In Hollywood’

Melissa Joan HartTHE HUFFINGTON POST – Melissa Joan Hart might have once raised eyebrows for voting Republican, but the actress says she’s far from the only conservative in Hollywood.

Fox News spoke with the former child star this week and broached the subject of her political stance. The interview recounted the time Hart said her “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” costars were shocked to learn she voted for Bob Dole over Bill Clinton during the 1996 presidential election.

“Yeah there were some jaws dropping on the set that day,” Hart, who was 20 at the time of that election, told Fox in an interview published Tuesday. “These days I find more [Republicans] in Hollywood and I love having a healthy debate with anyone. Nobody’s one way or the other. I feel that unfortunately in this country there are only two parties. I wish there were more because nobody fits into one or the other.”

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