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A testament to the liberty message’s appeal, Young Americans for Liberty opens its 500th chapter

YALYoung Americans for Liberty (YAL), ‘the largest, most active, and fastest-growing pro-liberty organization on America’s college campuses,’ has achieved a significant milestone in its reach across the country.

The movement recently opened its 500th chapter, this one at Ivy League institution Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., beginning not only a new campus group but introducing a new era for YAL. The landmark signifies the organization’s growth and is a “testament to the fact that the liberty message resonates with young people,” YAL’s Director of Communications, Alyssa Farah, told Red Alert Politics.

“In general, positive views towards the word ‘libertarians’ are growing,” Farah said. “The Republican Party does have the youth vote crisis, but I think that if they were able to veer their message targeted more towards liberty-minded policies, they would actually be able to recover from that.”

Farah said that unlike other Republican and Democratic campus groups that focus more on get out the vote operations, YAL’s main focus is spreading its message on campus through recruitment and activism to draw more young people into the liberty movement.

“They’re always recruiting, they’re always hosting events. That’s an ongoing thing for us; we have so much still left in this semester that we still have to do,” Farah said.

This activism has proved to be effective for YAL, especially considering that it is such a young organization.

“We were kind of born out of the end of Ron Paul’s presidential campaign, and in just five years we have grown to 500 chapters,” Farah stated. “Seeing that we have been around for just a fraction of the time of some of these more well-established groups like [College Republicans], I think that is a huge testament to the fact that one day we might bypass them in size.”

College Republicans, which was founded in 1892, has a presence on more than 1,800 campuses nationwide, the organization’s website states.

Young Americans for Liberty has also proved to be on a level playing field with top Democratic competition like College Democrats, Farah observed. For instance, the fact that YAL has roughly the same number of chapters as College Democrats — which operates under the Democratic National Committee — shows particular enthusiasm among liberty-minded youth.

(This piece has been updated to more accurately state YAL’s mission of campus engagement.)

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