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Author Richard Dawkins gets jar of honey confiscated by TSA, tweets that “Bin Laden has won”

honey and biscuitsWhen author Richard Dawkins’ jar of honey was taken by the Transportation Security Administration, he could only reach one conclusion: Osama bin Laden had won.

The well-known atheist was going through security at an unknown airport on Sunday when the TSA allegedly nabbed his container of the sweet liquid. Dawkins was apparently so upset by the “principle” of the matter that he took to Twitter to explain that the deceased terrorist had succeeded in his efforts to disrupt American life.

“Dundridge” is a word Dawkins coined himself. It means “a petty, bossy, bureaucratic little rule-hound,” according to the author.

When fellow Twitter users mocked Dawkins and questioned if he knew the rules of TSA, the author clarified that he wasn’t upset about the actual honey, but merely the principle behind the matter.

Dawkins was still upset with the airport security screening rules on Monday morning, tweeting out a link to an old article he had written about the TSA’s hard and fast restrictions.

(h/t Mediaite)

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