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[WATCH] Fake black panel on SNL finds that Obama can do no wrong

snl black panel obamaHow’s the president doing? Funny you should ask.

“Saturday Night Live” convened a satirical panel of black observers to discuss President Obama’s job performance, and they agreed that he can do no wrong — no matter the circumstances. Moderated by Kenan Thompson and featuring host Kerry Washington and Jay Pharaoh as pundits, the “How’s He Doing?” panel joked about how the president’s approval rating among black voters has fallen to a “startling 93.6 percent,” and sarcastically wondered if there were any regrets about re-electing him to office.

“The question is: Has there been a time in the past month where you wish you would’ve voted for Mitt Romney?” Thompson asked.

All three responded with boisterous laughter, punctuated by Thompson saying, “Oh hell no!”

“Sorry, I always like to start with a joke,” Thompson said.

Thompson asked Washington and Pharaoh later if they would change their opinion of the president if he switched religions. They didn’t express concern about him converting to Judaism or Islam, but Washington was wary of the president dumping his faith altogether for atheism.

“I do not think I could trust a godless man,” Washington said.

“So does he lose your support?” Thompson replied.

“He does not,” Washington said back, straight-faced.

The full video is below.

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