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[WATCH] Jay Carney tries to play down failings in interview with Piers Morgan

Jay Carney WH Press secretary angryWhite House Press Secretary Jay Carney dismissed critics of Obamacare’s early website failings on “Piers Morgan Live” Monday night, playing damage control in tamping down the political angle of the issue and looking ahead to when the site will fully work.

Host Piers Morgan asked Carney how much they knew ahead of time and at what point the Obama administration plans on holding someone accountable for the problem. Carney dismissed all finger-pointing and said no one is more frustrated than the President of the United States, admitting that while they knew there would be some problems neither Obama nor his senior team anticipated the level of issues being seen.

“It shouldn’t be about, you know, making – having heads roll or firing people,” Carney said. “The time is to get these problems fixed and make sure that the system is working most efficiently for the American people. That’s what his focus is on right now, not on, you know, pointing fingers of blame but making sure that it works.”

Carney also brushed off calls for the resignation of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, one of which was made prominently by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

As Carney continued to go on with the benefits of the law, Morgan interrupted and said while he agrees with much of it, “the system that’s designed to facilitate it continues to fail, [so] someone’s got to be accountable if it’s not him.”

Watch the video below:

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