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College student recovers lost wallet — and winds up with more than when he left it

Iowa walletWhen Laura Diers happened to spot a partially unfolded leather wallet last month along a highway entrance ramp in Ames, Iowa, she decided to be a good samaritan and stop to pick it up.

What the mother of four did next was not only encouraging, but a rare act of kindness that will not soon be forgotten.

After finding a driver’s license along with a college ID for student Wes Monroe inside the wallet, Diers did more than just send the wallet to its rightful owner — she included an inspiring letter of advice and tucked a $10 bill inside for a drink with a friend or gas for the car. She then promised Monroe that her bible study group at Cornerstone Church in Ames would be praying for him.

“I’m sure you’re thinking ‘This person is bizarre!’ LOL! I just remember what it is like to be a college student,” Diers wrote in her note, according to the Des Moines Register. “Enjoy your life and go after all your dreams with passion and excitement!”

Monroe considered the deed “absolutely amazing” and incredible that a woman would take the time out of her day to do something so nice for a young college student.

“Just to get [the wallet] back in the first place is amazing, and then to get the note and the money, it’s just above and beyond what any person should have to do,” he said. “It’s crazy.”

Also included in the note was a quote from the motivational author Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul:

It’s time to quit waiting for…
Someone to change
The right person to come along
A more favorable horoscope
The new administration to take over
An absence of risk, Someone to discover you
A clear set of instructions
More self-confidence
Get on with it already!

Monroe composed a thank-you letter earlier this week and gratefully sent it to the woman who exemplified the good in humanity.

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