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[WATCH] Piers Morgan lashes out at yet another pro-2nd Amend. supporter, claims he laughed at reading of statement by Sandy Hook survivor

Piers MorganPiers Morgan has once again lashed out at a prominent Second Amendment rights supporter on his CNN show, criticizing Second Amendment Foundation founder Alan Gottlieb for planning a protest on the first anniversary of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Morgan also alleged that Gottlieb was laughing as he read a statement from the daughter of Sandy Hook Principal Dawn Hochsprung, leading Gottlieb to suggest that the pro-gun control host was appealing to ’emotional rhetoric.’ 

“You plan a campaign to promote the good side of guns on the first anniversary of the worst mass shooting at a school in American history, and you have the gall to laugh when I read out a quote from one of the victim’s families? How dare you? How dare you laugh?” Morgan asked Gottlieb, in reference to the group’s “Guns Save Lives Day” on December 15.

“That doesn’t allow them to use that day either to attack my rights,” Gottlieb replied. “How many times a year do you attack gun rights on your show? I bet you’ll use that day to push your anti-gun agenda.”

“You’re damn right I’ll use that day to promote gun safety in America,” Morgan quipped back. “And I’ll do it on behalf of these families. We’ve seen your callous heart, Mr. Gottlieb.”

“You don’t know about my heart,” Gottlieb shot back. “That’s probably why you don’t have as many viewers as anybody else, because people have turned you off.”

“Do you know the reason why so many people get killed by guns in America? Because idiots like you – and I use that word very deliberately – think it’s funny to laugh in the middle of me reading out a statement from the victim’s family at Sandy Hook,” Morgan chided.

“All your emotional rhetoric doesn’t solve any problems,” Gottlieb replied back. “It’s people like you that’s politicized it. Not me.”

Ultimately, Morgan cut Gottlieb off – but not before announcing that his “laughing” at a quote by a Sandy Hook survivor was among the most “disgusting things” he’s ever witnessed.

Watch the segment in full below.

Update: The Associated Press is now reporting that the “Guns Save Lives Day” has been moved to December 16, as a result of public criticism toward the event. 

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