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Bill Clinton thinks daughter Chelsea would be a better president than Hillary

Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton and Chelsea ClintonBill Clinton knows firsthand what it takes to be President of the United States — and he thinks daughter Chelsea would be better at the job than Hillary.

While appearing on Piers Morgan Live on Wednesday night, the 42nd President was asked about which of the ladies in his life would be the best leader of the free world.

“Who do you think might make the better president, your wife or your daughter?” host Piers Morgan asked.

Clinton’s answer was predictably diplomatic.

“Day after tomorrow, my wife, ’cause she’s had more experience,” he answered. “Over the long run, Chelsea. She knows more than we do about everything.”

That might be the reason the 33-year-old only child of the Clintons is currently vice-chairman of the board for the Clinton Foundation. There was a time, however, when Chelsea didn’t know more than her parents — but perhaps thought she did.

“But now it’s highly embarrassing because she, in fact, does [know more than us],” Clinton told Morgan.

Clinton had some fun with his interview with Morgan, including a pretty good impression of U2 singer Bono.

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