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[WATCH] So this happened: Ted Cruz quotes ‘Duck Dynasty’, Toby Keith from Senate floor

Duck Dynasty family pictureFilibuster-style speeches in the Senate that continue for hours on end tend to run thin on material with the passage of time. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) tried to keep things fresh, patriotic and ‘happy happy happy’ by quoting from one of America’s most popular television shows and one of the nation’s most distinguished country music artists early Wednesday morning.

Asking rhetorically if the United States could rediscover its roots, Cruz pointed to A&E’s Duck Dynasty for inspiration and began to quote some of what he called the show’s “homespun wisdom”. His leadoff quote:

“You put five rednecks on a mower, it’s gonna be epic,” from Willie Roberston.

After spending a few minutes reading other bits from the show, Cruz transitioned to reciting — self-deprecatingly sparing us his vocal cords — the lyrics to Toby Keith’s “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue”. True to Cruz’s commitment to quality intonation, it was a lively performance — and he even censored himself for the public audience.

“We’ll put a boot in your … posterior. Edited for our friends on C-SPAN,” Cruz said in speaking one of the lines, which normally includes the informal synonym for donkey.

“Now you want to talk about American spirit?” Cruz asked after completing the recital.

Watch the footage below:

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