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Rand Paul proposes Constitutional amendment requiring all Federal employees – including SCOTUS – to buy into Obamacare

Rand PaulNot only does Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) want all federal employees to suffer under Obamacare, he especially wants Chief Justice John Roberts to suffer under it.

The potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate plans on pushing for a Constitutional amendment that would outlaw any special exemptions to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act for government employees, meaning that all federal workers would have to buy insurance through the new Obamacare health insurance exchanges that open next week.

“My amendment says basically that everybody including Justice Roberts — who seems to be such a fan of Obamacare — gets it too,” Paul told The Daily Caller Saturday from Mackinac Island in Michigan. Paul was in the Wolverine state for the Mackinac Conference this past weekend, winning the 2016 presidential straw poll with 36 percent of the vote. 

“See, right now, Justice Roberts is still continuing to have federal employee health insurance subsidized by the taxpayer. And if he likes Obamacare so much, I’m going to give him an amendment that gives Obamacare to Justice Roberts,” he added.

Paul specifically pointed fingers at Roberts as he was the swing vote in the 2012 U.S. Supreme Court case National Federation of Independent Business et. al. v. Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, et. al. The 5-4 decision, which stated that the Affordable Care Act was a tax under the Commerce Clause, upheld the Constitutionality of Obamacare.

Paul’s proposal comes in light of a proposal by Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) which would make sure that the legislative and executive branches of the federal government are required to opt-in to Obamacare. Democrats have pushed against the proposal as it means their healthcare costs would increase. According to TheDC, the Office of Personnel Management agreed to offer a subsidy of about 75 percent of the cost of healthcare for members and staff under the Affordable Care Act.

The difference between Paul’s and Vitter’s proposals – according to Paul – is that his would cover all federal employees, not just Congress and the White House.

“I think mine is a little more inclusive,” Paul told TheDC. “Mine — compared to Vitter’s — would include all federal employees, and save billions of dollars. Why don’t we do it for all federal employees? And mine would save quite a bit more money.”

Although he is pushing for the Constitutional amendment, Paul acknowledged Monday that Republicans have an uphill battle to climb if they are to defund Obamacare by failing to pass a continuing resolution to keep the government running by September 30, and that “there could be a compromise in the middle.”

“The president wants 100 percent of Obamacare, we want zero. Maybe we make it less bad through a compromise. So if the Republicans in the House pass defund, Democrats in the Senate continue to fund, maybe there could be a compromise in the middle where we get some rid of the taxes, and get rid of some of the bad parts of Obamacare,” he said on Fox News’s “Fox and Friends” Monday morning. 

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