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Doctor of Conspiracy: professor pushes Navy Yard shooting theories

James TracyHe questioned if the Sandy Hook shooting actually happened, he said the Boston bombing resembled a “drill”, and now he’s back to doubt the legitimacy of this week’s mass killings in Washington’s Navy Yard.

James Tracy, noted conspiracy theorist and professor of communications at Florida Atlantic University, posted to his blog “Memory Hole” Wednesday a series of videos, audio recordings and photographs that form a composite calling into question the horror that transpired in the nation’s capital Monday.

One video Tracy embedded, narrated by the YouTube user DAHBOO77 and dated Sept. 16, said that two stories drawn from the Associated Press (AP) and mistakenly date-stamped Sept. 15 with headlines about the Navy Yard shooting is “smoking gun” evidence that the incident was staged.

“It’s prepackaged news — come on, it’s the AP — for this government,” the user said. “This is prepackaged news coming from the Associated Press and even more proof to add that this was a false flag.”

One of the news outlets that ran the incorrect Sept. 15 date, The Daily Courier from British Columbia, Canada, issued a correction and a statement in response to the innocuous error, saying that “wire copy” flows through its website automatically and is not uploaded manually.

“Because the date stamp was off, it made it appear as if Monday’s story on the shooting was posted on Sunday. It wasn’t; that’s just what the date stamp says,” the note from managing editor Jon Manchester read. “We got the story at the same time every other media received it from The Associated Press.”

Tracy also posted a photograph with an insulting caption of emergency workers standing outside an ambulance.

“First responders at the scene exhibiting perplexity and/or boredom,” the caption read.

Tracy has floated his speculation about such events before. In response to the Sandy Hook tragedy in Newtown, Conn., he wondered in writing if the event had even occurred, and he chalked up the Boston bombing to a training exercise.

“In short, the event closely resembles a mass-casualty drill, which for training purposes are designed to be as lifelike as possible,” Tracy wrote. “Since it is mediated, however, and primarily experienced from afar through the careful assemblage of words, images, and the official pronouncements and commentary of celebrity journalists, it has the semblance of being for all practical purposes ‘real’.”

(h/t The College Fix)

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