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Swedish coffin uses Spotify to play music for the deceased

catacomboIf you ever worried about six-feet-under being too quiet for you, well, you can relax.

A Swedish company called Pause Ljud & Bild has released a coffin that features speakers and a Spotify streaming account, as reported by MyFoxNY. Named the CataCombo Sound System, it will only cost you $30,000 and will ensure that your afterlife will always be set to music.

“Expect nothing less than godlike comfort and heavenly sound from the CataCoffin,” the CataCombo website boasts.

The Spotify feature allows loved ones to add tracks to your afterlife playlist even when you’re in the grave. According to the website, the system’s gravestone features a 7-inch LCD-display that shows what song is playing.

Two-way speakers play music for both the deceased and his visitors above ground. The company’s website describes the coffin as having a “unique interior acoustic space.”

The CEO of the Swedish company, Fredrik Hjelmquist, has started his own afterlife playlist entitled “Pause 4-ever” that will set the mood for his own CataCombo coffin and he even invites strangers to select tracks for his future enjoyment.

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