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[WATCH] Rand Paul slams Kerry: ‘I wish he would remember more of how awful war is’

Rand PaulAs the situation in Syria grows more violent and the United States prepares for a possible intervention, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) recounted the human face of war, asking Secretary of State John Kerry to remember “more of how awful war is.”

The 2016 hopeful appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday morning to discuss the ongoing tension in Syria. Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barack Obama announced Friday they would seek Congressional approval before intervening in the country, but Paul — an ardent opponent of intervention — hesitated on sending troops overseas. When speaking with host David Gregory on the United States’ potential efforts to push Bashar al-Assad from power, Paul slammed Kerry for wanting to send more Americans into war.

“But what I’ve told them is I’m not sending my son, your son, or anybody else’s son to fight for stalemate. You know, when we fight, we fight when we have to. But I see things in a very personal basis,” Paul said. “You know, I see a young John Kerry who went to war, and I wish he remembered more of how awful war is and that it shouldn’t be a desired outcome.”

Gregory recounted Kerry likening al-Assad to murderous dictators like Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler and questioned Paul on his Republican counterparts like Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who believe President Obama should take action.

Paul has vehemently spoken out against military intervention in Syria, despite intelligence reports of al-Assad using chemical weapons against his own citizens. The Tea Party darling has ardently called on President Obama to seek Congressional approval before making any decisions on the United States’ next steps. Still, Paul believes because the ongoing civil war poses no national security threat to the United States, there is no need for intervention.

“The war in Syria has no clear national security connection to the United States and victory by either side will not necessarily bring in to power people friendly to the United States,” Paul said in a statement earlier this week.

Kerry is well-known for his military service, receiving three Purple Hearts and a Silver Star for his service in Vietnam. After he served in the Navy, the 2004 Democratic Presidential nominee became a vocal opponent of the Vietnam War.

Check out Paul speak on Syria below.

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