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Jimmy Carter: We all know how MLK would have reacted to Stand Your Ground laws

Jimmy Carter

Former President Jimmy Carter knows just how civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. would have felt about Stand Your Ground laws.

Carter was one of the featured speakers at Wednesday’s March on Washington 50th anniversary commemoration, “Let Freedom Ring.” He posited that all Americans know just how King would have felt about the self-protection laws.

“I think we all know how Dr. King would have reacted to our country being awash in guns and for more and more states passing Stand Your Ground laws,” the former President said.

Carter also said “we all know” how King would have reacted to the Supreme Court’s decision on the Voting Rights Act, D.C. residents not having “full citizenship rights” and high unemployment among blacks, specifically young blacks.

King did argue for peaceful opposition, orchestrating perhaps the largest violence-free march in United States history. But during his lifetime, King also owned his own firearms and applied for a permit to conceal and carry, according to The Huffington Post. He was denied that permit by the Alabama police, even though he likely met the requirements of the law.

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