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Piers Morgan uses death of Australian baseball player to push anti-gun rhetoric

piers morganNotorious CNN host Piers Morgan has found yet another crime to blame on the gun lobby, capitalizing on the death of a 23-year-old Australian baseball player killed by “bored” teens.

During his show “Piers Morgan Live” on Tuesday, the host spoke with Ahron Young, Sky News Melbourne’s bureau chief, and former Australian Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer on Christopher Lane’s senseless killing. According to several reports, the baseball player was targeted by a group of teens who simply wanted to kill someone. Morgan, though, used Lane’s death to push his anti-gun rhetoric, discussing with his guests how America’s lax gun laws led to the Australian’s murder.

“We’ve all heard about gun violence in America but this really brought it home to us here, right across the country,” Young told Morgan. “…No one can understand how this happened to one of ours.”

The victim was in the U.S. playing baseball for East Central University. He was targeted by three African-American men — ages 15, 16 and 17 — while jogging through a Duncan, Okla., neighborhood.

“Just for the record, Australia has had zero gun massacres since 1996 and in the United States, 80 people are killed by guns every single day,” Fischer said.  “People thinking of going to the USA on business or tourist trips should think carefully about it given the statical fact that you are 15 times more likely to be shot dead in the USA than in Australia per capita per 1 million people.”

Following Australia’s Port Arthur Massacre in 1996, the country passed strict gun laws, severely restricting the availability of firearms.

“I’ve had this debate countless times on this show in the last two years and I keep being assured by the gun rights people that the only way to deal with gun violence is for more people to be armed and more guns to be in circulation,” Morgan said. “Obviously Australia went a completely different direction and took away guns.”

Watch Morgan’s interview below.

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