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Associated Press retracts ‘global warming’ North Pole photo

North PoleDon’t worry, kids. Santa’s home isn’t really under water. The Associated Press just released an inaccurate photo.

The news organization is catching some heat after publishing a photo supposedly showing a large lake forming at the North Pole due to global warming. But the AP issued a formal retraction of the photo, admitting that the “lake” was a naturally formed small melt-pond that isn’t even at the North Pole. While the camera is supposed to be monitoring the North Pole, it had drifted hundreds of miles south.

The AP‘s retraction reads:

“Editors, photo editors, and photo librarians – please eliminate AP photo NY109 that was sent on Saturday, July 27, 2013. The caption inaccurately stated that “the shallow meltwater lake is occurring due to an unusually warm period.” In fact, the water accumulates in this way every summer. In addition, the images do not necessarily show conditions at the North Pole, because the weather buoy carrying the camera used by the North Pole Environmental Observatory has drifted hundreds of miles from its original position, which was a few dozen miles from the North Pole.”

When the photo began circulating, staunch believers of global warming automatically drew conclusions from the picture.

The Atlantic Wire published an article about the photo, noting a “trend of continually rising temperatures across the globe.” They later updated their piece with a correction.

Recently the AP also had to issue a correction after they attempted to rewrite Obama’s quote when he mistakenly said that Charleston, S.C.; Savannah, Ga. and Jacksonville, Fla., were on the Gulf Coast.

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