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Gun company Kahr Arms leaving New York State due to new gun control law

Kahr Arms logoThanks to New York State’s new gun control law, Kahr Firearms Group of Pearl River has decided to call it a day and take its business – and employees – elsewhere.

Although many gun companies nationwide – including PTR Industries and Magpul – have already either left their home state or plan to because of new gun control laws, Kahr Firearms is the first to leave the Empire State since the law was passed in January.

When the company finishes its move to Pennsylvania over the next few years, it also plans on expanding, according to a press release posted on the company’s website. According to the Associated Press, Kahr had planned on building new offices for its 10-person corporate staff and a new factory with 80 to 100 jobs in New York, but scrapped that plan after the law was passed. 

The company also plans on keeping its manufacturing sites in Worcester, Mass. and Pillager, Minn. open despite the move.

“We’re looking for a more friendly environment for our business,” Frank Harris, Kahr’s vice president for sales and marketing told the AP. “Maybe we could have stayed here and built a plant, but the way the bill was passed left us feeling there were a lot of uncertainties going forward.”

New York’s gun control law bans military-style weapons, limits magazines to seven bullets, taxes bullets and creates a registry. But the while the gun control law was the first to be passed in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December, it has apparently done little to curb local robberies. Gun sales in Newtown, Conn. – the site of the Sandy Hook shooting – have actually risen after the shooting as well.

“We’re all for stopping criminals, but this act is not going to do that,” Harris said. “This will only hurt the responsible law-abiding citizens.”

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