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Americans still think Congress sucks


No surprise here. In the latest congressional approval poll, Rasmussen found that Americans still think Congress sucks, with only two percent of likely voters saying Congress is doing an “excellent” job.

If Americans think Congress as a whole is doing a poor job of running the country, then why do these fools keep winning elections? Because elections are rigged, of course! No, seriously. In response to the phrase, “Members of congress almost always get re-elected because…,” 67 percent of respondents answered: “Election rules are rigged.” Only 10 percent said the reason was “[t]hey do a good job representing constituents.” (The rest – 23 percent- said they weren’t sure how those numbskulls managed to pull it off every two years).

Similarly, the majority (63 percent) of respondents affirmed that, “Most members of Congress [are] willing to sell vote for cash or campaign contribution?”

Younger Americans thankfully weren’t as down on their federal representatives as older Americans. Respondents ages 18-39 were far more likely to have positive feelings about the nation’s elected officials, with 15 percent saying they thought Congress was doing a “good” job, compared with 8 percent overall. However, roughly the same number of younger and older Americans said they believed members of Congress to be a crooked lot (58 percent).



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