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Kevin Spacey poses with the giant Peachoid

Kevin Spacey Peachoid“House of Cards” star Kevin Spacey toasted his Emmy success and posted the evidence on Twitter. The actor, who plays Rep. Frank Underwood on the popular Netflix series, stood with his dog Boston, holding a bottle of champagne, in the shadow of the real, life Peachoid–a giant water tower shaped and painted like a peach.

“With Boston toasting Emmy noms at real Peachoid in Gaffney South Carolina. She’s drunk with pride…” the actor tweeted.

The Peachoid is significant to the first season because Spacey’s character–a South Carolina Democrat–has to head back to his home district after a teen dies texting-while driving, distracted by the giant peach.

Spacey’s Peachoid trip was a first as “House of Cards” films in Baltimore, not Gaffney, S.C., according to the NBC affiliate in Greenville, S.C.

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