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UPenn professor who called God a “white racist” says Americans worship “racism” and “white supremacy”

Anthea ButlerAfter calling God a “white racist” last week, it seems like the religious studies professor from the University of Pennsylvania isn’t quite finished with sharing her outrageous thoughts on God. And why not, since after all, as she pointed out — she has tenure.

Anthea Butler, who describes herself as a “progressive Christian” used the stage of “The New Jerusalem: Black Life, The Church, and the Struggle for American Democracy” panel on Saturday to broadcast more of her thoughts on the “American god. Small g now.”

“I was coming after their god, I was not coming after the God of the scriptures, the God that we know, of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,” Butler said on the C-SPAN footage. “I was coming after the god they worship, Mammon; the god they worship, racism; the god they worship, white supremacy.”

The panel’s intent was to discuss the implications for the black church in today’s America, but Butler made sure to turn the tables back onto the Trayvon Martin case and “the Right.”

“I got attacked by the Right,” she said, referencing the criticism that her op-ed in the Religious Dispatches drew. “I got attacked by Fox, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh — I’m saying all y’alls names out loud — Daily Caller. All of them came at me this week.”

Limbaugh then defended not only his own show, but also The Daily Caller, saying that any name-calling of Butler came from online.

“Those were tweets or comments from online people, not talk radio people or Daily Caller,” Limbaugh said on his website.

Butler expressed disappointment that she didn’t have “no church people to clean up my Twitter feed” while chastising those for speaking out against her “racist God” comments and calling her “the B, the C, everything else they could call me except a child of God.”

She reminded that audience that she has “the great institution” of UPenn to thank for her tenure, eliciting applause from the audience as she waved her left index finger in the air.

Butler gained national attention last week when she wrote in her op-ed that the “Trayvon Martin moment is just one moment in a history of racism in America that, in large part, has its underpinings in Christianity and its history.”

She went on to say at the Harlem book fair panel that progressive Christians need to have a voice in their work, since apparently Conservatives already attempted to steal it.

“We don’t have that radical voice because people are willing to do what the right is doing right now and to say—and you know I’m fine with them, whatever they belief, I’m not mad at them. I mean I’m not mad at them like that,” Butler said. “But I’m mad at them when they tell me I can’t talk about race. They tell me I can’t talk about race because there is no more racism because we’re post-racial. Now y’all know that’s a lie.”

Butler’s tenure protects her from being fired from the University of Pennsylvania but that doesn’t mean she has the best support system around campus. According to, she has an overall quality of 1. 7 out of five.

“Pathetic. This teacher is pathetically bad at her supposed job,” the latest comment, posted in February reads. “Do not give this untalented instructor any more classes. Bad.”

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